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  • B&G NAC 3 Autopilot core pack. The base components of an autopilot, includes compass, AP computer, rudder sensor and NMEA 2000 starter pack. REQUIRES a drive and controller
  • This is the ram for boats up to 9000Kg. Simple and self contained, 62 Kg of torque, best for below deck install
  • The precision 9 is a modern solid state marine compass with no moving parts. Because of this it is almost immune to vessel motion, and provides accurate heading, rate of turn, pitch and yaw data. Connection is via an industry standard NMEA 2000 micro C plug.
  • Autopilot control designed specifically for sailors This intuitive autopilot controller keypad can be combined with a B&G Triton²  Display to create a fully-featured autopilot control head. B&G’s Intelligent Sail Steering functionality allows you to steer to a compass heading, or to automatically maintain a specified true or apparent wind angle in Wind mode. Smart Manoeuvre controls tack at the touch of a button, a perfect tool when sailing shorthanded. Connect to a compatible chartplotter, and Navigation mode will steer to your currently selected waypoint or route. A simple pushbutton interface makes the Triton²  Pilot easy to operate in rough conditions, and reliably responsive to wet or gloved hands. Dedicated auto and standby buttons enable or disable the autopilot with a single press, so it’s easy to free your hands from the wheel or instantly take control whenever you need to. The ‘mode’ button engages the pilot’s Wind or Navigation auto-steering modes, while dual port and starboard buttons allow course adjustments in one-degree or ten-degree increments. Smartly shaped buttons let you distinguish between these increments at a touch, for safe operation in low visibility. The Triton²  Pilot keypad is easily mounted, and offers single-cable NMEA 2000® connectivity for both power and data. Multiple keypads and Triton²  Displays can be installed to offer autopilot control from anywhere on board.
  • B&G Triton2 Pilot Controller and display bundle. Provides full function AP control for Triton2 AP systems.


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