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Bed it Tape

Bed it Tape


Butyl tape for bedding marine hardware



Bed-It Tape is designed to bed deck hardware on boats. It’s a butyl-hybrid product utilizing a proprietary formulation. A Roll is 15.2m x 13mm x 1.6mm thick.

The benefits of Bed-It Tape:

#1   It doesn’t harden and remains at the same thick, flexible consistency.

#2   Because it doesn’t harden, deck hardware can flex and move slightly, keeping the seal intact to reduce or eliminate leaks.

#3    It’s multiple times more flexible than cured polyurethane or polysulfide, both popular bedding sealants.

#4   It sticks extremely well to clean gelcoat, plastic, aluminum, bronze, or stainless.

#5   It’s not a glue, and for through-bolted deck hardware you do not need glue.

#6   Bed-It Tape is easily removed without hours of cleanup or damage to your decks.

#7   Bed-It Tape is specifically formulated to resist cold flow or creep once properly tightened.


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