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LED masthead Navigation light. Tri-color Navigation, Anchor and Strobe Light. Amazonia Mirim v4 by Optolamp

LED masthead Navigation light. Tri-color Navigation, Anchor and Strobe Light. Amazonia Mirim v4 by Optolamp


LED Tricolor Masthead lamp. Meets colregs. Zero radio interference, very low power consumption, auto on/off with ambient light.

I use one of these on my own boat now for the last 10 years. IMO it’s the best tricolor lamp available.

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LED masthead light. Tri-color Navigation, Anchor and (Optional) Strobe Light by Optolamp

Amazonia Mirim 5 in 1 LED Navigation Light

It’s a Tri-color, Anchor light and Strobe light all in one. It has an ambient light sensor so it can turn itself off in the daytime and on at night. A built in windex lamp as well! Finally it has a vertical lamp with approx 4 mile range to aid in location by aircraft in the event of an emergency. In our opinion, the best LED masthead light you can get – so we use one of these on our own boat. It meets the colregs for vessels under 24m. It has ZERO VHF radio interference, because of its unique power supply. Because of this list of features, and the quality of build, we believe this is the best masthead lamp available at any price.

Amazonia Mirim 5 Versions:

Classic” Version: 4 wires for: Tri-color, Anchor and Strobe Light. Standard Installation with the original boat panel switches.

SW” Version: only 2 wires for: Tri-color and anchor light; or 3 wires to add Strobe Light function. This version uses a mode selector switch (3 positions), for the boat panel (mini switch provided with the Light ).

“Eco” Version: Same as above options but NO STROBE! So three wires for Classic version, 2 for SW version.

Warranty HE: 3 years.

LED Masthead Light Specifications:

Weight: 225 gr
Height: 125 mm.
Diameter: 60 mm.
Base: Delrin block, very fast installation.
Power source: 10,6V to 14,4V.
Option 24V: (Electronic voltage Convertor, part  2412 – Separate accessory) 
Consumption UBC®: 0,126A to 0,155A.
Horizontal Light range: minimum 2,0 NM.
In accordance with the COLREG Norms.
Vertical Light range VLE system: up to 4,0 NM.
Switches on-off automatically: at dawn at night and during storms or fog.
LED life: minimum 50000 hs.

OPTOLAMP® zero RFI-EMI interference.

 Tri-color Navigation, & Anchor Light with strobe


Additional information

Weight 1 kg

12v, 24v

Switch Type

Classic, SW

Strobe or not

With Strobe, Without Strobe

Base Type

Aluminium, Plastic


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