B&G Autopilot Computer NAC-2 .

The B&G Autopilot Computer NAC-2 is the mainstream autopilot computer for vessels under 10m.

The NAC-2 contains B&G’s Reflex control algorithms. Within the  NAC2, are the electronics that operate a drive unit, plus interface with other components. (including heading sensors and rudder feedback units). This unit has been developed to helm a yacht across a broad range of weather conditions and sea-states.

NAC-2 is rated to run drives up to 8A continuous or 12A max draw.  The computer is for both power and sailing vessels. It’s commonly installed with Triton, Triton 2, or multi-function displays with autopilot ability. Including the B&G Vulcan and Zeus3 series displays.

Key Features of the B&G Autopilot Computer NAC-2

  • Reliable B&G Reflex control algorithms
  • Recommended for boats below 10 meters (35 feet) in length
  • Low-current output of 8 amps continuous, 12 amps peak
  • Clutch output (3 amps maximum)
  • Compatible with low-current drives
  • Supports B&G RF25 and RF300 rudder feedback units
  • NMEA 2000® connectivity
  • NMEA 0183® input

NAC-2 Output
We recommend the  NAC-2 Autopilot Computer for boats below 10 meters (35 feet) in length. Output is up to 8 amps continuous and 12 amps peak. It also has a clutch output, 3a max. NAC-2 is perfect for low-current drives, like the B&G RPU80 , mechanical drives, and solenoid valves. All this makes a very versatile Autopilot computer.

To make a complete autopilot system you’ll also need a compass, rudder sensor, drive unit , and a controller. If you need help with this, please ask us! We are here to help, and to make certain that you get the end result that you desire.

The B&G NAC-2 unit is the Autopilot brains to drive your yacht in almost all conditions. So it will steer to a compass course, navigate to a waypoint, follow a route, or steer to wind (given the appropriate options).