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B&G Autopilot Core Pack NAC3

B&G Autopilot Core Pack NAC3


B&G NAC 3 Autopilot core pack. The base components of an autopilot, includes compass, AP computer, rudder sensor and NMEA 2000 starter pack. REQUIRES a drive and controller

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B&G Autopilot NAC-3 Core Pack details

The B&G Autopilot Core-pack NAC3. This pack contains the essential components for an new or replacement autopilot installation.

The NAC-3 Core Pack is for vessels over 10 meters/35 feet. This is because of it’s high output (up to 50A), and therefore ability to drive large drive units and solenoids.

The pack  includes;  The NAC-3 autopilot computer, Precision-9 compass and RF-25n rudder feedback unit. Also included is an NMEA2000 backbone starter cable kit.

B&G NAC3 Autopilot Computer:

The NAC-3 contains the electronic brain needed to operate a drive unit and interfaces. This unit is capable of driving large rams, and drive units both electric and hydraulic. It’s suitable for serious coastal and offshore vessels.

The NAC3 is rated to operate high-current pumps, mechanical drive units, and solenoid valves.

  • B&G Reflex Sailing algorithms
  • Plug and Play installation
  • 12/24V input 30A continuous output, 50A peak
  • Solenoid output capable
  • 3A clutch output
  • Optional Auto/Standby Switch

B&G Precision-9 Compass:

B&G Autopilot Core-pack NAC3 contains the precision 9 compass. This is a modern solid state marine compass. Having no moving parts results in it’s virtual immunity to vessel motion.  So, accurate heading, rate of turn, roll, and pitch data are provided.

Connection is via an industry standard NMEA 2000 micro C plug. and accuracy is +/- 2 deg after calibration. Mounting can be either on a bulkhead, or up a mast.

B&G RF25 Rudder Feedback Unit:

The B&G Autopilot Core-pack NAC3 includes the RF25n rudder sensor. The RF25n has an NMEA 2000 micro-C interface. So easy connection. It has +/- 120 degree measurement range. This makes it suitable for most rudder installs. Accuracy is +/- 0.5 degrees. However, other options are available. If required, please check with us.

Minimum product requirements;

The B&G Autopilot Core Pack NAC-3 requires; – a drive unit, and a compatible controller to make a functional autopilot. Therefore please Check with us if you are unsure.
Key Features

  • Core components for a B&G Reflex autopilot system. Just add a drive unit and controller
  • Ideal for boats above 10 metres (35 feet) in length
  • Includes the high-current NAC-3 autopilot computer
  • Compatible with high-current drives and solenoid valves
  • Control with the B&G Triton² display and Triton² keypad, or a networked multi-function display
  • Rudder feedback unit RF25N
  • Includes NMEA2000 cables and connectors required for a basic installation
  • Precision-9 solid-state compass,  with heading data that’s automatically fine-tuned as you travel
  • Automatic tuning and compass calibration
  • NMEA 0183® input

Some control options are;

B&G Triton2 Autopilot Controller and Display

Drive options include;

B&G T0 Drive Unit

If you need assistance to select a controller or drive, please ask us.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

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