Neptune’s Gear Ltd

Here at Neptune’s Gear Ltd, we are sailors, like you. I have a lifetime of sailing experience from dinghies, trailer boats, and various keel boats as large as 100ft (30m).  We are happy to discuss any requirements you may have for your boat, and will make recommendations based upon our experience, not necessarily for our own products. Some products we like we have not been able to represent (yet!) .

Neptune’s Gear Ltd was conceived during a 20,000 mile voyage from, and returning to New Zealand. During that time we encountered many issues with boating equipment, not the least of which was having new or replacement equipment shipped to us in various locations. We, like many cruisers, had no land based address. Because of this, many suppliers would not send us anything.  So here is the solution!

We have carefully selected only well priced, quality products that we (or sometimes other cruisers that we know) have used extensively. Yes, I admit, I have a technical bent, and like gadgets, so there is a fair bit of gear from the technical/electrical/ electronic area. Our experience is that this is an area that many cruisers need help with.

Neptune’s Gear Ltd is an online store, based in New Zealand, but shipping worldwide. Equipment does not normally come from New Zealand (unless it’s made here), but directly from the manufacturers to the purchaser, to save costs.

All shipments are tracked, and tracking details are provided to you.

Please let us know how you find our services, tell others if you are happy, tell us if we can improve in any way. We’d love to hear from you.

Matt and Jo Paulin, SV Island Time, New Zealand