Wind Generators - Silentwind - Generators that work. Quiet and efficient.

What you want is a wind gen that starts up in low wind speed, is quiet, and generates a decent amount of power. Right? Silentwind is THE ONE!

One of the most common questions we have from other cruisers is "why is your wind generator so quiet ?"

It is because we have fitted our Air Breeze with these Silent Power blades by Spreco. We would have their generator now by choice, but it was not available when we purchased. These Silentwind units have great output, are quiet, and have low start-up speeds. The Best you can get!

Wind Generators are not the answer to all power problems! In higher latitudes they work well at sea, but in these climates you tend to anchor in sheltered areas, where there is not enough wind! Low start-up speed is important here. A wind generator should be part of your power system, likely to include engine/genset, solar, AND wind.

In trade-wind areas they are great, is you tend to anchor in less sheltered areas to get some wind flow through the boat because it's HOT! If there is wind, they will work all day and night. However, some people object to the noise, and we have heard of people who ask other boats to turn the unit off because it disturbs the anchorage. This has NEVER happened to us! 

You may like to consider solar as well (not instead, they are different). Often if it's sunny, there is no wind, if windy, no sun! Solar and Wind are used by many cruisers. We use flexible solar panels mounted direct to the canvas Bimini.

NOTE - Wind Generators WILL have freight added, as they are bulky and heavy. Please contact us for a freight quote.

PLEASE NOTE, SILIENTWIND have just changed distributors in NZ, and we are re-negotiating supply deals. Please contact us or check back soon for pricing/availability.

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