About Us

Matt is a very keen lifelong Sailor, having logged over 45,000 nautical miles, and been involved in sailing since childhood.

Having spent many years in the IT industry, Matt and his wife Jo finally sold their business in late 2009, and went sailing for the next 3 years, logging about 21,000 nm. Having a background in IT and mechanical engineering,  Matt was in great demand by other cruising yachties to repair the myriad of things that go wrong on a cruising yacht. He also enjoys this type of work.


So, on return to NZ in late 2012, Neptune’s gear was set up to provide these same services to local NZ and visiting offshore yachts here at Gulf Harbour, NZ.

Matt is always keen to hear from other sailors, and has also taken over the Crew.org.nz website since returning. Crew.org.nz is a sailing forum site, discussing anything sailing related, especially pertaining to NZ. There is a link to it in the related links tab if you are interested.

Neptune’s Gear ltd

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