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Neptune's Gear Ltd offers selected Marine products, FREIGHT FREE on most products, Worldwide!!!

In a lifetime of sailing, these are the products we have found around the world. This is the stuff we have used, often over long distance blue-water passages, and liked enough to want to re-sell. Some is hard to find, some is common. All of it is good! If it's waterproof LCDs, AIS Transponders, LED Tri Color Lights, quiet Wind Generators, fridges that don't eat your batteries, Bilge switches that work, or Tank gauges, Fire or Alarm  monitoring and control, plus lots more, we have it. If we don't, we offer;

Any PART, for ANY BOAT. Delivered ANYWHERE. 

We know delivery can be an issue for cruisers, often with no land based address. Neptune’s Gear is specifically targeted towards cruising yachts, worldwide. We offer products that we understand, and we understand how you use them! International Delivery to any location.

We also offer advice on product selection. If your are in a remote location, we offer a parts sourcing and delivery service worldwide. Any brand, anywhere. Send us an email request at info@neptunes-gear.com. A part number and Pic really helps!

Our advice is based on over 40 years of personal boating experience, BUT it is up to you to decide if it is appropriate for your situation. If you want to talk boating, boating products, or ask for some advice, send us an email info@neptunes-gear.com. We love talking Boats!!!

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